Our Story

For years I’ve struggles with skin allergies and had trouble finding skin care products that wouldn’t break me out. As a teenager I spent so much money on makeup trying to find something that would work with my skin. After years of searching for a better solution for skin and health care I discovered essential oils and started making my own face scrubs and body butter. Not only was I able to use these handmade products on my skin and it didn’t break out, my skin has improved so much that I rarely wear makeup now.

After seeing the difference in my skin, I shared my products with my family and friends and they loved them. This made me wonder how many people out there were like me and would like an all-natural skin care product line. So I added my face scrubs and body butter to my current company DaisyDee Art Studio’s product line and sold them at local events. The response was fantastic. Seeing this success, I expanded the skin care line to include sprays, salves and soaps. My skin care products continued to grow in sales so I decided to expand the product line into its own division. So Natural Daisy was born and a new logo and website was launched in April of 2017.

- Dara Rogers - Owner