All natural skin care products
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All Natural Skin Care Products

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Natural Daisy is dedicated to providing all natural skin and heath care products. All of our ingredients are fresh and come from Mother Nature, no man-made fragrances or dyes.

For years Dara, our owner, struggles with skin allergies and had trouble finding skin care products that wouldn’t break her skin out. As a teenager she spent so much money on makeup trying to find something that would work with her skin. After years of searching for a better solution for skin and health care she discovered essential oils and started making her own face scrubs and body butter. Not only was she able to use these handmade products on her skin and it didn’t break out, her skin has improved so much that she rarely wear makeup now.

After seeing the difference in her skin, Dara shared her products with her family and friends and they loved them. She wondered how many people out there were like her and would like an all-natural skin care product line. So she developed a product line and started sell them at local events. The response was fantastic. Seeing the success, she expanded the skin care line to include sprays, salves and soaps. Dara's skin care products continued to grow in sales and Natural Daisy was born in April of 2017.

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